Petra, meeting with you has changed my way of thinking.

When you first offered to give me life coaching sessions, I was not hopeful for any progress or change.

After the first session I realized that I had some unresolved issues within myself. One of the biggest breakthroughs that I had was choosing to not assume the details of a situation, but to instead overcome my discomfort of asking direct questions to understand the truth of the matter.

My first time addressing someone about a situation that left me unsettled was the most nerve-wracking experience of my life! I delayed the conversation and came up with excuses for why it was not a good time to go through with the conversation.

All of this was because of fear! Fear of being rejected, disappointed, uncomfortable, you name it. However, the day I overcame my fear of being uncomfortable and allowed myself to be vulnerable was the most freeing experience!

I now have more confidence in who I am and am not afraid to be direct. I learned that confrontation is not always a negative experience, but that it can be a positive one that brings clarity and allows the negative swirl of emotions to rest.

Thank you so much for opening this new door in my life and helping me to see and respond to the world through a new lens!

Amber Porter


Petra’s coaching helped me to better control how I respond to certain situations.

I learned to control my thoughts, my perceptions, my emotions.

Talking regularly about my reactions and seeing self in a mirror from someone not being part of that situation is a very powerful aspect which was helping me to build on experience of other trainings like Pathways to leadership and 7 Habits.

It made it more actionable for me to really unleash the full potential of those in a long term and apply it all every day.

Overall, it led me through a tough period of my career and helped me to acquire a distant perspective to get away from an edge of a burnout.

Marek Tichý


Life Integrative Coaching with Petra is the coaching where I feel and see my personal development.

Experience with my coach and used structure helps me to understand some situations in my life.  Every coaching session I get to learn from my words and behaviors and through my thoughts and feelings.

I tried to join coaching programs in P&G previously. Without success. But for this time, after 3 months of biweekly connection with Petra I can say: “I have coaching”.

Petra Hradská


Petra, your life coaching has helped me in both my professional and personal life.

 I’ll be honest, I was initially skeptical about the effectiveness that “life coaching” could have on me.

While I saw how your coaching positively impacted and resolved conflicts at work (Glue issue in Dry Packing), I didn’t think that it could apply to me. However, that perspective changed after our 2nd meeting.

It was amazing to see how you took a broad problem/situation and broke it down into its key components with the STEAR model. The most surprising thing you taught me was that “Result” of any situation is driven by a person’s “Thoughts”.

During out 2nd meeting, I still remember how stunned I was with how quickly you identified the root cause of my problem. I had been struggling with that situation for weeks and I genuinely didn’t understand why the conflict kept recurring. You helped me realize that the underlying issue stemmed from a lack of confidence in my own self-worth.

Once I shifted my mindset, I started seeing improvements in my relationship. Your life coaching has helped me mature and achieve a healthier mindset. By prioritizing self-care and acknowledging my own strengths, I am much happier.

As someone who has never really valued “therapy” or “counseling”, I found the STEAR method to be incredibly effective because it allowed me to view conflicts with an Engineer’s mindset.

My Lam


Petra’s coaching was amazing.

 Over the course of a few conversations she helped me articulate what it was that I wanted to achieve happiness.

Then, she helped me realize that most of the things that stood in my way were my thoughts and that there were concrete steps I could take to start living a full life.

I have started taking those steps and I haven’t felt this grounded in years.

Jitka Hiscox


I would highly recommend Petra as a life coach.

 Sessions with her helped me a lot. Before I met her, I was unhappy mostly because of a professional burnout and feeling uncertain about a long-term relationship.

Four months of working with Petra helped me realize what am I looking for in both my professional and personal life and how to work towards getting it.

Eventually, I was able to make some big changes that were a great source of relief and though I am still working towards what I want, I am now enjoying the journey and believe that there are even brighter days ahead of me.

By working with Petra, I learned a lot about myself. I appreciate her patience thanks to which I also learned to be patient with myself.

Many insights from Petra were first planted in my mind as little seeds which then needed time to grow, blossom and give their fruit. I also appreciated that Petra tried to teach me a framework using which I can face other problems in the future on my own.

Overall, I am grateful that I met Petra and wish others could benefit from her help as much as I did!

Olga Vindušková