You made up your mind


Changing the lives of others for the better?


You help your clients every day
and you help solve their problems by releasing blocks caused by old trauma.

But even after years of practice, things get a bit stiff.

You doubt your qualities.
You lack lightness and joy.

Be for your clients
accelerator of change and give them comprehensive care on their life journey.

Using the P.E.T.R.A. method:

(Past Emotional Trauma Release Approach)


You sensitively put yourself in their shoes.
You will quickly discover exactly where it is pushing.
And you will effectively remove emotional blocks that limit them and prevent them from becoming successful.


You will help them get out of the carousel of failure in which they keep spinning and thus sabotaging their own growth.


You will remove the internal obstacles that cause psychosomatic chronic problems (chronic migraines, back pain, …) out of the way.


And you’ll show them a map that will help them reach their life goals faster.

How does it work?


The method is a quick way through the feeling in the body to the subconscious, where the energy knot of emotional trauma is stored.


I will teach you how to gently find the memory of creation, rewrite it and integrate it back together.


In a few minutes, the trigger of the limiting emotional setting will disappear forever.

What will it bring you?

Thanks to the training:


You will expand your set of tools for your work,


you step out of the average zone,


you will do your work more efficiently and quickly,


you will have happier clients with significantly better results,


you will increase interest in your services,


you will increase the value (also financial) of your work,


you will get rid of your personal blocks and traumas that kept you down and you will discover that it is really easy to create.

If clients don’t come to you to chat,
but they want real, lasting and quick change,
it’s perfect for you!

Strong personal and professional


What awaits you in training?

Part 1 – 12 weeks

Every week you can look forward to:


1 hour of theory (Monday 4:00 p.m.),


1 hour group therapy (Monday 5:00 p.m.),


1x meeting – Questions and answers (Wednesday 16:00).

Part 2 – 12 weeks

Every week you can look forward to:


1 hour peer to peer group therapy (practice between participants) with my supervision (Monday 5:00 p.m.),


1x meeting – Questions and answers (Wednesday 16:00).

Part 3 – 12 weeks

Your space on:


Obtaining 10 case studies.


The possibility of my supervision of recordings of your therapeutic practice.

A special FB group will be made available to you throughout the course,
where you will get intensive support from other participants and myself.

The training is exclusive to a small number of women for maximum personal care.

If you were exceptionally late – recordings of theories and Q&A
they will be available throughout the training period.

Petra Adams - Success journey - 12 weeks transformation program

By this transformation
will guide you
Petra Adams

Transformative coach and creator of the P.E.T.R.A. method.

It combines coaching and therapy with work in the quantum field.

She helps and teaches her clients how to quickly and effectively process and permanently remove negative emotional and physical states that hold them back and limit them from success in life.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Conditions for obtaining a certificate:


80% attendance at therapy,


active participation in peer to peer therapies,


delivery of 10 case studies.

Do you have questions running through your head?

Book a date for a joint call.
I will be happy to answer everything!

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Verified, functional:
What do my clients say about the method?

Lucie Maitari Cabmochová

This method immediately helped me at any stage of the solution. I always went to you right before the explosion. I felt restless, it was boiling inside me and I couldn’t help it.

You helped me dissolve everything and disappear. My energy then stabilized and I felt an inner peace. And that’s the most for me, because I haven’t felt that for most of my life.

Lenka Maitari Cabrnochová,
spiritual therapist,

Lenka Němcová

If you love efficiency and have the balls to look the truth straight in the eye, Petra is your person.

Her brilliant intellect makes friends with intuition and together they bring to light the exact place where your thinking boots are pushing you and creating a toxic stench of relevant emotions around you.

Her bonus is that if you still have trauma stuck in it, she will help you heal it. And then pounce on the insidious software that throws sticks under your feet.

The second bonus? She gives you the tools to help you work on your own mental backyard after removing the biggest messes (which a person is usually not good enough to do on their own). No addiction! We create our life freely!

She is great.”

Lenka A. Němcová,
Therapist and mentor

Lucie Maitari Cabmochová

“I have been working with Petra for a long time.

Quite simply, her coaching is very effective and has incredible power.

Petra sensitively and at the same time very directly guides me to the (not always pleasant) answers that I have in me, but I was not able to unravel them myself.

Thanks to this, I am working on changing my limiting thoughts – by understanding why they arose, how to remove them and rewrite them.

If you want to soar higher in personal or business growth at rocket speed, this is the way to go.

Ľudmila Hoosová,
Business mentor

Lucie Maitari Cabmochová

“As a big plus in the P.E.T.R.A. method what I see is that it is so perfectly elaborated and thought out by its founder that a person gets to the root of his trauma so quickly and is so effectively rid of it that he hardly even notices the process.

Only after that, after a few days, he wakes up in the morning and feels a little more relaxed, feels more in himself, more of a creator, feels more responsible for his life.”

Veronika Kubátová,
Psycho-energy transformation therapist

What is the price of this unique investment in yourself and your business?

The price of the first run of the course is $4900.

Special offers and installment options can be discussed in a personal interview.

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