The P.E.T.R.A. method

(Past Emotional Trauma Release Approach)

Key to permanent life change

A unique tool for rewriting emotional traumas stored deep in the subconscious, which prevent you from freely creating your life.

You know what you want to achieve. You have a vision, but there are so many obstacles in the way that you keep falling short. It’s like you’re blocking yourself.

You have had coaching sessions, mentoring, but you are not able to translate the planned steps into reality.

Sometimes in life you get into situations where you freeze. There’s no reason for it rationally, but you can’t help it.

This is due to emotional blocks created on your way through life.

I often meet them with my clients. I know that in such a state it is difficult to work with the mindset, the affirmations do not work as they should, and above all it takes a lot of energy from you. Where you could fly, you toil unnecessarily. It’s often illogical and you don’t know where it comes from.

I created the P.ET.R.A method just for such situations.

The P.E.T.R.A. method is a transformative experience that will help you set a new mindset. Fast, gentle and respectful to client.

“Her method is amazing, we processed my emotional states and physical sensations. Then I actually experienced a situation where I saw the trigger but I was in neutral, it didn’t hurt. It’s just that the emotional triggers don’t work anymore and it doesn’t really hurt me physically (e.g. the feeling of betrayal, absolute panic when I had to tell the price of my dress, anger to absolute fury). One of the big benefits is immediate relief. Compared to, say, other cleaning methods, this is an absolutely revolutionary experience for me, that I don’t really feel pain, I experience neutrality and so I can create the feelings I want.”


Emotional traumas are stored in your subconscious and are triggered when something reminds you of the situation that caused the trauma. It turns off your analytical brain and puts you into survival mode.

It is in the subconscious that we can fix it together.


a quick route through the feeling in the body will get you to where the energy node of the emotional trauma is stored


I will guide you to find the memory of the trauma


I will teach you how to rewrite it and then integrate it back

In a few minutes, the trigger of the limiting emotional setting will disappear forever.

Then miracles begin to happen.

You will feel relief as if a heavy weight has been dropped.

Now it’s easy to open up to new possibilities and follow your dreams!

“The most powerful ‘aha moment’ of my life! Indescribable things began to happen!”



erasing emotional triggers,


trust in yourself and your intuition,


the ability to distinguish one’s inner guidance from foreign subconscious programs,


efficiency and decision-making certainty,


emotional stability in critical situations,


improving relationships, especially the relationship with oneself,


an energy level up that allows you to feel comfortable and pleasant in your personal growth,


an energy level up that allows you to feel comfortable and pleasant in your personal growth,

“I haven’t made as many leaps in myself as I did after one consultation with Petra, not even during several years of working with another coach or with a renowned psychologist.”

“I went to a holistic center, I drowned about 3K a year in therapies, and it didn’t have the same effect as one session with you!”

“I’ve never made such a significant shift as quickly as I did within days of our consultation.”

“I still don’t understand how some things can happen so fast.“

“This method immediately helped me at any stage of the solution.”

“I couldn’t afford abundance – to have a great and easy life. Feel the lightness in it. When other people don’t have it so easy. Although I had things sorted out in my head, limiting beliefs kept surfacing. In certain situations, I even felt an overwhelming squeezing pressure on my chest, which I tried to resist.

After therapy with Petra, this expanding black ball disappeared and it was as if all that was left inside me was an empty shell. The next day, I thought to myself probably more than thirty times: “Well, now the tightening feeling in my chest starts.” And nothing. And it didn’t even have to happen at all. I was surprised how often I had that feeling before without realizing it. she was aware of it. But after therapy, even the exact guaranteed situation that would throw me off didn’t even provoke it. Suddenly she had no response from me. I remained completely calm. My head, as always, brought logical arguments why I did it that way and not otherwise, in order to she didn’t feel stupid, but suddenly they weren’t needed at all.

Finally, what the head came up with was consistent with how the body perceived it. I felt freedom, lightness, freedom and unlimited possibilities. Nothing suddenly pulled me down.”

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