Petra Adams

Coaching for Women
in Leadership Positions

“I believe that we can be anything we want to be and achieve our wildest dreams if we just open ourselves to it. All limitations lie in our minds.”

I am a transformational coach and I help ambitious, action-oriented women to grow and become an inspiration for others.​​​​

I don’t teach WHAT, I teach HOW.

My wish and goal is for you to gain the ability to freely create your life and be able to overcome and dissolve obstacles on your way.

The world does not need strong women, but empathetic leaders.

I have always worked in a corporation. I started in an entry-level position, performed at the top every day, and hoped that my superiors would reward me.

I worked like this for 10 years, but the result still did not come. And when I was doing better at work, my personal life was falling apart.

One day it dawned on me that change won’t come from outside, I have to do it myself, and that’s how my journey of working with limiting beliefs started.

I decided that I am my own project, a work of art that I create and that creates a reflection in physical reality.

Petra Adams - Coaching for women in leadership positions

I enjoy discovering my “supernatural powers”

I am a big believer in personal development and have gone through a lot of techniques. Among my great teachers are Dr. Joe Dispenza, Scott Schwenk, Gregg Braden, Nassim Haramein, I have also been trained in EFT and Energy Breakthrough Method®.

I learned to use quantum laws and opened up to the idea of ​​a multidimensional universe where there are no limits.

My intensive self-development resulted in a promotion, a transfer to the USA for a high management position, a wonderful husband, a house and a child within one year. I lead a full and fulfilling personal and professional life and creating my new self is fun for me.

Because I like independence, I learned the methods that worked best. In this way, I not only help clients overcome their own limits and achieve their goals, but also give them powerful tools for working on themselves that they can use independently for the rest of their lives.

I am moved to watch how the world becomes a little more gentle and joyful.

Along the way,

I also discovered my ability to recognize other people’s limiting settings and get to the core of the problem quickly and efficiently. I created a very effective method for working with internal emotional blocks, the P.E.T.R.A. method. (Past Emotional Trauma Release Approach), which I now teach other coaches, mentors, therapists and consultants.

Women are starting to help others with this method, and I am moved to watch how the world becomes a little more gentle and joyful.

Petra Adams - Coaching for women in leadership positions

I’m not a full-time coach. I continue to work in the corporate world to stay in touch with reality. I perceive individual coaching as a luxury service and that is exactly how I approach. Write to me at: and we will arrange a session.