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Coaching for women in
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What will you achieve


My approach is to teach you methods of working on yourself that will give you the enduring tools for you to grow freely. ‘Freedom instead of dependence’ is my motto.


I will help you remove mental blocks that may be limiting you or deal with traumas that stand in the way between you and success.

Connection to Inner Self

I have developed a technique I call, “Soul Integration,” a process that will quickly, effectively and permanently let you say goodbye to your trauma.

Emotional Stability

Being able to choose how you want to feel no matter the situation is the ultimate level of freedom.

Petra Adams - Coaching for women in leadership positions

As a woman, do you have to choose?

between a promising career and a happy personal life, or can you have both?

The answer will make you happy. You have a right to be happy at home and at work. I found the balance myself and I can show you how.

You can do it too.

What I do

Individual Coaching

I consider individual coaching to be a premium service, and I approach it that way. In addition to an hour of my full attention, you will gain experience and practical information on how to work with your mind.


12 weeks transformation program, where I will teach you techniques that will last you a lifetime,
I perform highly effective signature trauma integration therapy to remove the blocks that hold you back.

P.E.T.R.A. Training

Certified training of unique signature method P.E.T.R.A.(Past Emotional Trauma Release Approach) is the key to lasting inner change. Transform and release emotional blocks and trauma stored deeply in body tissue and subconscious mind.

Online Workshops

Enables you to unfold and transform parts of self that are blocking your success journey. They combine knowledge with practical exercises and tools for you to use in life going forward, building independence and freedom.

Frequently asked questions

What is Coaching?

In simple terms, coaching is a purposeful work on yourself under the guidance of the coach, the essence of which is, answering questions, you have learned to understand your desires, openly look into the eyes of prejudices and fears, and act immediately to achieve its goals.

Coaching supports a person at every level in becoming who they want to be. It builds awareness empowers choice and leads to change.

On top of standard coaching tools I am using therapeutical methods and expertise in leadership and quantum laws to make the path to your success fast and efficient.

How long does a coach work with an individual?

Even though I use very powerful and efficient technique to overcome limiting beliefs the changes of personality is a journey.

Based on my experience, I recommend a minimum of 4 sessions to reach a deeper understanding of recommended techniques and to ensure a permanent effect. If you desire to master and embody self growth techniques and become independent creator of your life I recommend 12 week transformation program.

How do you ensure a compatible partnership?

For the cooperation to be successful there needs to be a synergy between you and coach so there is a relationship build on trust.

Coaching is a combination of structure and empathy. In order to meet the coaching objectives it takes a foundation of trust, credibility, and authentic relationship. The coaching partnership realizes lasting impact as a result of this foundation, which is built over time.

Significant changes in your life will not happen just because we spend a few hours of coaching together. In order to achieve long-term changes in your life, you must continue to apply the techniques over the long-term. I will give you the tools and can show you how to succeed, but your success will ultimately lie in your own hands.

What should someone look for when selecting a coach?

I believe success shouldn’t be measured by how well the coachee performs while the coach is there to help, but rather by sustainable behavioral change long after the coach is gone. Independence from the coach is the ultimate goal. Therefor I always preferred coaches with proven results who will walk me through the process of change I can learn and continue to apply in my life independently.

For the faster and long lasting results the mind art of coach needs to be paired with therapeutical techniques to help you overcome challenges of your subconscious mind efficiently.

Petra Adams

Coaching for Women in Leadership Positions

Do you know the state of mind after a long day from work? When you arrive home exhausted, underappreciated, in a mood and with no energy?

The days when you ask yourself, “Do I really want to live my life like this?” The days when you come home and know that you will even dream about work … And it will not be a happy one!

I know them very intimately. Those days when I gave my all at work, and my personal life suffered, and no matter what it still was not enough.

What my clients say

Petra’s coaching was amazing.

She helped me realize that most of the things that stood in my way were my thoughts and that there were concrete steps I could take to start living a full life.

I have started taking those steps and I haven’t felt this grounded in years.”

Jitka Hiscox

Petra, meeting with you has changed my way of thinking.

One of the biggest breakthroughs that I had was choosing to not assume the details of a situation, but to instead overcome my discomfort of asking direct questions to understand the truth of the matter. Thank you so much for opening this new door in my life!”

Amber Porter

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